CMHR Dance


Ukrainian dancers make their way to the stage during RightsFest, a series of free concerts at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights during it’s opening weekend in Winnipeg Manitoba, September 21, 2014.
Lyle Stafford/Image

Cockburn performs at CMHR


Canadian singer Bruce Cockburn, performs during the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Concert as part of the museum’s official opening in Winnipeg Manitoba, September 20, 2014. Lyle Stafford/Image



Employees from Signex work on the signage for the main entrance to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg Manitoba, September 16, 2014. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights which opens September 20th, is the first national museum to be built in nearly half a century, and the first outside the National Capital Region.
Lyle Stafford for the Globe and Mail

A disturbing view


An elderly man, in no obvious distress, lays on the concrete at the intersection of Portage and Main in downtown Winnipeg Manitoba, August 19, 2014. Is there not a better way…
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A family member attends the unveiling of a monument to missing or murdered Aboriginal women and girls at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 12, 2014.
Lyle Stafford for the Globe and Mail

Mill City





Recently spent a few days in the very funky city of Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. The origin and growth of the city was spurred by the proximity of Fort Snelling, the first major United States military presence in the area, and by its location on Saint Anthony Falls which provided power for sawmills and flour mills. But it is so very much more. From outstanding food to the Guthrie Theater and world class park system designed by Theodore Wirth, it is the bicycling capital of the U.S with over 170 communal bike stations.
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A clear view


Window washers clean some of the 1,669 individual custom-cut panes of glass on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, July 20, 2014. After an international competition, Antoine Predock of New Mexico was selected as the building’s architect. At 21,154 square metres, the museum will include almost a kilometre of bridges that will take visitors on an “enlightening” tour that culminates at the top of a 24-metre-high Tower of Hope. The museum which opens September 20, 2014 is the first national museum built in 45 years and the first outside the nation’s capital. Lyle Stafford/Image

Soul seats


Church pews wait in a parking lot in Saint Boniface for just the right application in Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 10, 2014. Lyle Stafford/Image

Water world

Dozens of pieces of heavy machinery work on the Portage diversion of the Assiniboine river in Portage La Prairie

Like gigantic waterbirds, these loaders along with some 150 pieces of heavy equipment work to raise the dike on the Portage diversion which diverts flood waters from the Assiniboine river near Portage la Prairie, one hour west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, July 9, 2014. REUTERS/Lyle Stafford(CANADA)

Really Winnipeg


People sleep with their belongings in the City Hall bus shelter at the corner of Main street and William avenue May 31, 2014 in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
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Dad and dancer

Dancing Dad

An aspiring young dancer and her dad cross the street after attending the 34th Annual Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival at the Pantages Playhouse in the Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg. Lyle Stafford/Image

Drummer wanted


A some what used drum kit spills out of an abandoned shopping cart on Euclid Ave in Winnipeg’s North Point Douglas neighborhood.
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Waiting on a float plane to Vancouver’s Coal Harbour just ahead of some weather in Victoria, British Columbia, April 26, 2014. Lyle Stafford/Image


Keep YVR wet

A man drinks from a public water fountain in the Mount Pleasant district of Vancouver, British Columbia, April 14, 2014.
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Night stage


The marquee on the Manitoba Theatre Center in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, lights up the street as it announces a coming production with no uncertainty.
April 17, 2014. Lyle Stafford/Image

Entwistle hangs up

Telus president and CEO Darren Entwistle speaks at AGM in Vancouver

Darren Entwistle, President and Chief Executive Officer of Telus Corporation
speaks to shareholders during the company’s annual general meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. After 14 years at the helm, Entwistle announced that he is taking on the executive chairman’s role at the company he helped grow into one of Canada’s three telecommunications heavyweights alongside Rogers and Bell. REUTERS/Lyle Stafford (CANADA)

The colour of spring


The Mere hotel in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, makes for a colourful backdrop on a frosty-foggy morning on this the first day of spring, 20 March 2014. Lyle Stafford/Image

Mr. Ambassador


Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, Gary Doer, on a terrace of his office at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC. Lyle Stafford for the Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg, 2014?

Winnipeg 2014?

A vintage station wagon sits on the street in Winnipeg’s North End, frozen in time as winter continues in the Ice Kingdom. Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada. March 5, 2014.
Lyle Stafford/Image

Old fashion skate

Old fashion skate

Skaters in period dress make their way along a river trail near the historic site of the Forks, the confluence of the Red and Assinibione rivers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, February 17, 2014. Hundreds of people took to the rivers in warmer weather and on Louis Riel day, a provincial holiday. REUTERS/Lyle Stafford(CANADA)

Jets land on river

Jets on ice

Hundreds of spectators watch the NHL Winnipeg Jets first ever outdoor practice on the Assiniboine river in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, February 23, 2014. REUTERS/Lyle Stafford(CANADA)


Dear friends Paul and Jan, who left on a cycling tour of the planet last May, blurted out before they left, come meet us in Istanbul for New Years Eve. Again I say, why not. What follows is a very brief documentation of life in the Turkish capital of some 14 million. Lyle Stafford/Images

img_7642 Pretzel seller in Taksim Square.

img_7702 Fishing for Hamsis (anchovies) on the Galata bridge with the Süleymaniye Mosque in the background.

img_7735 Taking a break from a busy market day near the Spice Bazaar.

img_7767 A stocking salesman demonstrates his merchandise to the ladies near the Spice Bazaar.

img_7768 Street meat, in this case, Tavuk (chicken) just waiting to become someone’s donair on Iskital.

img_7903 The shops on the Galata bridge spanning the Golden Horn.

img_7944 Pretzel salesman in the sprawling hardware market in the Egyptian Bazaar

img_7977 On the ferry across the Golden Horn enroute to Eyup. The Eyüp neighborhood is a historically important area, especially for Turkey’s Muslims.

img_8068 Looking for a card game plays out on the streets of the Kadirga district.

img_8094 Purveyor of fine floor coverings, show off dozens of beautiful Turkish rugs with many cups of tea.

img_8151 Whirling Dervishes perform at the old Orient Express train station.

img_8272 A street vendor sells New Years Eve party favors in the Sisli district just hours before the clock strikes twelve.

img_8282 Our favorite take away shop on the high street near our flat in Sisli.

WPG-PHX, Why not

Cornhusker State

Fargo ND

Iowa Church

Lincoln Neb

South Dakota

Recently helped dear friends move to Phoenix Arizona for the winter. Some nine states were traversed I believe, some I’m not sure we even stopped in. A few frames from either the passenger but mostly, the driver’s seat. December, 9-12. Lyle Stafford/Images

Market Square, Cube

Bandstand Cube

A pedestrian walks past the Old Market Square performance stage in the Exchange District in Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16, 2013. In 2012, OMS Park became home to a brand new state-of-the-art open-air performance venue known as “the Cube”. Set against the backdrop of historic warehouses, the Cube is an interactive art fixture that can be used 365 days of the year. Lyle Stafford/Image

You know it’s cold when…

Insulated Loo

Construction site portable toilets are seen insulated from the impending cold of the winter months in the East Exchange district of Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16, 2013. Lyle Stafford/Image



Ninety one year old Thelma Godkin in the woods near her home in Chemainus, B.C. September 12, 2013. Godkin, at seventeen, was the lone woman working alongside burly male loggers. Godkin says she felt free among the trees when she worked in the logging camps as a whistlepunk. (LYLE STAFFORD, TIMES COLONIST)



COMOX, B.C.: SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 – Harriette Cunningham ten, a big 4H participant, holds her prize winning rooster Henry, in her backyard in Comox, B.C. September 12, 2013. Harriette, who is transgender has transitioned to life as a girl. (LYLE STAFFORD, TIMES COLONIST)



VICTORIA, B.C.: AUGUST 6, 2013 – Andrew Whalen of Ephrata Washington state, hits out of the green side bunker on one during round 2 of Canadian Men’s Amateur Golf Championship Gorge Vale Golf Club in Victoria, B.C. August 6, 2013. (LYLE STAFFORD, TIMES COLONIST)

Train tragedy

Train tragedy

VICTORIA, B.C.: JULY 11, 2013 – Patrick Clusiault, 20, who grew up in Lac Megantic Quebec, sits outside his apartment in Victoria, B.C. July 11, 2013. Clusiault lost his first cousin and others in a train derailment and fire that destroyed the centre of town. LYLE STAFFORD, TIMES COLONIST)

Chasing Crows

Chasing Crows

VICTORIA, B.C.: JUNE 13, 2013 – Retired economics professor, Frank Wilson, with his second book of poetry in support of Multiple Sclerosis societies in Victoria, B.C. June 13, 2013. Chasing Crows features artwork created by the art therapy group at the Multiple Sclerosis Society Centre in Victoria. (LYLE STAFFORD, TIMES COLONIST)